Sunday, 5 October 2014

8 things for a non-stressful return to routine


 As everyone knows, September and October are both months for coming back to routine. Maybe to your job or maybe to high school, college and university. You must wake up early again and do plenty of things you haven't been doing during the holiday.
 It can be hard and stressful sometimes, so today I'm gonna talk about eight of the things that help me with in this back-to-school time.
1. You should admit your holiday is over. It's been an amazing time but now it's finished.
2. You have to do lots of important things, but don't forget to save some free time for yourself: Read a book, go to the cinema, do some exercise. Half an hour of self-attention can avoid a bad week.

3. Be organized. If you are worried about getting really stressed and you want to have time for everything, a very good solution can be a cute agenda or a colorful weekly organizer.
4. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Remember: "If you think you can, you've achieved half way up to it", "Do it for everyone who said you couldn't" and "Today can be amazing!".

5. Create a quite and relaxing place for studying, working or doing homework. It needs to be clean and luminous. Take your time to prepare it so it will give you better results.

6. Leave yourself about two or three to get used to your new routine. You need to assimilate the things that just changed. You can't be used to everything since the very first day.
7. Be active. It is easier to learn if you wanna learn. Try to be brisk, look for new challenges and new chances. You won't find everything done so you'll have to fight for it.
8. Smile!!!!

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Thank you for reading darlings! xx
Did you find this interesting and useful? Are you ready for the routine?


  1. haha the picture of the cat is great!

    Our life is beautiful

  2. Realmente todos estos consejitos son muy muy utiles, sin duda los voy a poner en practica. Por acá tenes una nueva seguidora :) Besos!

  3. Corazon la he traducido pero lo traduce muy raro :S supongo que hablas por la vuelta a la rutina y el estudio por lo que he podido deducir mas o menos..., sobre todo el de sonreir! jeje yo no estudio hace muchisimos años asi que ni idea la organizacion que llevaria ahora xD un besiko Marta y lo siento por si no me enterado.

  4. Me parece que está genial este look, porque está claro que a todos nos estresa volver a la rutina.
    Muchos besos